Join Raag Music academy For Guitar, Keyboard, Octapad, Flute, Singing
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The aim of the Academy is to
1. Establish a school for the teaching of Indian Classical music in the traditional style
2. Create opportunities for students and young artists to develop their potential through study and performanc
3. Provide sustainable and right livelihood for qualified and dedicated teachers/students.

Our Music Classes

* Guitatr
* Keyboard
* Vocal (Hindustani- North Indian classical)
* Flute
* Drum

For further studying information, please click the Study Information page of this website.

This is a long-term and ongoing project. Your creative participation and advice are most welcome and appreciated.

Contact address: Shankar Nagar Opp Vidhya Hospital Near By Indian Chilly Square Raipur

Tel : 97555-58545, 93000-58545

Contact address: